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Replication - Overview

The mastering of a DVD is comparable to that of a CD. However, it is possible to store 7 to 25 times more data on a DVD than on a CD of the same diameter. A single-sided, single layer disc can store approximately 4.7 gigabytes, known as DVD-5. By bonding 2 layers of data together, it becomes possible to store about 9 gigabytes of data, known as DVD-9. Double-sided discs can also be created (known as DVD-10).

DVD features:
7 to 25 times more data than on a standard compact disc
approx. 133 minutes of video on a DVD-5
approx. 242 minutes of video on a DVD-9
approx. 266 minutes of video on a DVD-10

A unique system of audio, video, and computer files
8 sound tracks
32 subtitling tracks
Choice of aspect ratios (16:9, 4:3)
Random searching
Parental lock out facility
Compatibility of the players with existing CDs
Protection against piracy

Up to 8 times faster than a standard compact disc Variable data read-out, guaranteeing permanent optimal quality High-performance adapted to continued and interactive reading

High-resolution video and high-performance audio for multimedia and video
Video: MPEG 2 compression system

Dolby AC-3 digital audio
Optional: MPEG-1 Layer 2
Optimal picture quality
Sophisticated error correction system guaranteeing optimal reading